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So thankful for Bek and his team! Finally closed escrow on a home and were looking for a moving company. There was a lot of messaging back and forth because we were not 100% sure when the seller would be completely out of the home and knew that many companies were being booked in advance. We were doing a big move (from LA to Temecula) and hired them based on availability, communication and dependability. At first I thought 2 movers would work, but the night before added a 3rd just to be safe. Bek and his team arrived on time, worked quickly and efficiently packed the truck. They moved us from a 3 bedroom to an upstairs 5 bedroom. Just remember to have some extra cold drinks handy if moving on a hot day! Man, they worked their butt off. Would not hesitate to hire them again and will refer friends and family. Thanks so much guys!!!
Joy M.
We hired AG Moving to help us move this past weekend, and they were great! Bek & Max are really professional and have a cheery attitude. They were very efficient yet careful with packing and unpacking our stuff. They were even completely understanding when I asked for a couple of other things to be moved from the new house down the stairs that I forgot to initially mention. We Highly recommend them.
Jasper P.
Amazing price and even better service! Bek and his colleague were fast and efficient!
Katie N.
Professional, skilled, and amazing people! We had 2 large containers parked on our drive way full of our furniture and stuffs and we hired AG movers to help us move the stuffs out into our new home. 1. Professional and responsive - due to our messy calendar, we had to reschedule our moving day a few times. They were very patient with us and very responsive to our text/call. 2. Fast and powerful - strong, fast, and powerful people and while been causations not to cause damage to my home or items during moving. 3. Skilled with furniture assemble - I have a few large furniture (e.g. king size bed frame) that if we were to assemble by ourselves, it would take us at least 2 hours. AG movers put everything together without needing instructing within 30 minutes! 4. No overweight fee, no hidden fee - alot of movers has these "if x item exceed y weight, extra charge applies". Not for these guys. No hidden fee. What they quote you is what you will pay. We would recommend these guys to anyone who is looking for a mover. You won't regret it.
Tony S.
AG Moving is amazing! They arrived early. Finished the job in under 2 hours! No damages, thank God. Would definitely recommend and rehire them.
Ahmad E.
What you want most from movers is that they show up on time, communicate well and obviously handle your items with care. AGMoving did all that. Hence the perfect 5 stars. The customer service on the day of my move was extraordinary. They called when they were five minute away and were very accommodating to all my request. In addition, they properly wrapped and secured all my furniture for the 35 mile move. I was delighted and pleased. Highly recommend.
Sandra P.
Amazing price and even better service! Bek and his colleague were fast and efficient!
Katie N.
I hired Ag Moving to help me move this past weekend, and they were great! Bek had a really good and cheery attitude and was very efficient yet careful with packing and unpacking my stuff. This included a 65 inch tv that I was nervous about moving. They padded it up and everything no problem! They were even completely understanding when I asked for a couple of other things to be packed that I forgot to initially mention. This was a huge plus for me because I've had a bad experience in the past with another moving company who got upset that I forgot to mention a couple of items even though I apologized and was willing to pay extra. I am definitely hiring these guys again the next time I move
Malorie W.
Bek was amazing start to finish. He replied quickly, answered all my questions and on moving day was very communicative, friendly, and clear. On the day of the move, Bek messaged me ahead of time to confirm again that he'd be there. They hit some traffic and he let me know they would be a little late and apologized. They were so quick and efficient and handled my belongings with great care. I would definitely use them again and recommend to anyone who's needing movers. Bek was very transparent about the price as well. At the end, he walked me through and confirmed. He wrote down the start and end time while I was there so we were on the same page, leaving no chance for miscommunication 🙂
Jasper P.
They did a great job helping us move! Bek was very understanding when we went over on our time too. The price is very fair and they wrapped all our furniture and made our move stress free. Thanks again!
Sarrah K.
These guys were amazing! Responsive, reliable, and strong! We were worried that the couch might not fit through the door and they lugged it over the balcony like it was nothing. They were also willing to put blankets down on the new place to protect the carpet. Highly recommend for your move. Class act.
Jonathan B.
Amazing price and even better service! Bek and his colleague were fast and efficient!
Katie N.
These guys are honest and trustworthy. There was a little bit of damage caused to our stairs as they attempted to lift our INSANELY heavy piano upstairs. But they immediately reassured us that they had a guy who could repair it, and by 11am the next day, the stairs were good as new! They work hard and fast, and they keep their word.
Jimmy A.
Super efficient and helpful! Everything got from point A to point B in one piece. They even did a special trip for an extra piece of furniture at a friends house! I've referred them to a couple people since we moved in July and will continue to do so... Thank you 🙂
Danielle F.
Everything was beyond exceptional!! I almost wish I could move again soon just to have the opportunity to hire them again. Incredibly fast response rate to every little question from the very first moment I connected with them. No hidden fees and incredibly affordable. The mover on the day-of were two of the nicest guys I've ever met and they worked so ridiculously hard! They were so strategic about how they placed everything in our big truck to ensure everything would fit. And when I unloaded my truck in a different state the the loaders were so impressed with how everything was packaged and loaded into the truck. These guys are real pros! Everything was safely wrapped, covered and loaded and not a single item was damaged. Don't look elsewhere - This is your ideal option for movers. You'll love them!
Betsy R.


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